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The Five Most Unique Corporate Giveaway Ideas for your next Event

Exhibitions for trade are bustling hubs where businesses come to present their wares, hoping to attract new clients and leave lasting impressions. In the midst of hectic activity and strong competition, a deliberate approach to distinguishing oneself is essential. One such tactic is the distribution of unique and memorable corporate freebies. These thoughtful gestures not only boost brand recall, but also reflect the organization’s spirit and commitment to quality. We’ve compiled a list of five unique corporate giveaway ideas that will make a lasting impression at your next trade show.

1. Calypso Glass – Transparent

CALYPSO GLASS - Transparent,Event Gift

  •  The Calypso Glass is a 750ml recycled soda lime glass with a bamboo lid, designed for both office and home use. Its eco-friendly construction makes it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious individuals. The transparent design allows users to see the contents inside, while the bamboo lid adds a touch of elegance. With its ability to fit most soda machines, the Calypso Glass offers convenience and sustainability in one stylish package.
  • SKU: E7051

2. Soda Machine


  •  Say goodbye to store-bought sparkling water with the Soda Machine. This innovative device provides a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative, allowing users to enjoy crisp sparkling water at the touch of a button. With its sleek design and user-friendly operation, the Soda Machine is sure to impress trade show visitors seeking innovative beverage solutions.
  • SKU: E7050

3. Multi-Tool


  •  The Multi-Tool is a versatile and practical giveaway that combines functionality with durability. Made from stainless steel, aluminum, and a plastic handle, this handy tool features a variety of essential functions, including pliers, wire cutters, a hammer, knife, saw, screwdriver, bottle opener, and more. Its compact size and comprehensive functionality make it a valuable addition to any toolkit.
  • SKU: E1360

4. Matt Cup Plus 

  •  Elevate your coffee break with the Matt Cup Plus, a 330ml stoneware sublimation mug with a matte finish outside and a glossy interior. Its modern design and high-quality construction make it the perfect accessory for any beverage enthusiast. Packaged in a stylish kraft box, the Matt Cup Plus is ready to impress trade show attendees looking for quality and style.
  • SKU: E7059

5. Sharing Set

  • The Sharing Set is the ultimate companion for sharing drinks on the go. This 500ml vacuum flask keeps hot or cold drinks insulated for 8-12 hours, making it perfect for outdoor adventures or long commutes. The set includes two extra stainless steel cups with handles, allowing users to share their favorite beverages with friends or colleagues. Leak-proof, lightweight, and easy to clean, the Sharing Set is a practical and stylish giveaway for any trade show attendee.
  • SKU: E7054

In conclusion , standing out at trade shows requires creativity, innovation, and attention to detail. By offering unique corporate giveaways like the ones mentioned above, you can leave a lasting impression on attendees and showcase your brand in a memorable way. Invest in high-quality, practical items that align with your company’s values and objectives, and watch as your trade show presence becomes the talk of the town.

“Trade Show Essentials: Unique Corporate Giveaways”

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