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Practical and Stylish Office Gifts for a Productive Workspace


In the dynamic world of business, a well-equipped and organized workspace is essential for productivity. Elevate your office environment with practical and stylish gifts that not only enhance functionality but also add a touch of sophistication. Event Gift presents a curated selection of office gifts designed to transform your workspace into a hub of efficiency and style.

1. MAG CHARGE (SKU: E3186)


The MAG CHARGE is a 3-in-1 marvel, featuring a unique shape and foldable design. This 15W Magsafe Phone charger, 2.5W Watch charger, and 3W Airpod charger come together seamlessly with no-stitching welding technology in RCS PU material. The sleek design ensures a clutter-free desk, and the foldable feature adds a touch of versatility. With a product size of 29.5×6.7×0.9cm, the MAG CHARGE is a stylish addition to any workspace. Packaging is thoughtfully done in an FSC Paper Box, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.


The WIRELESS LOUNGE is not just a desktop organizer; it’s a statement of eco-conscious organization. Crafted from 100% Bamboo Material, this desktop organizer features a unique pen holder, business card slot, and accessories slot, all complemented by a wireless charger. The wider branding space allows you to add a personalized touch to your workspace. With a product size of 14.4x12x1.2cm, the WIRELESS LOUNGE is a practical and stylish gift that promotes sustainability. It comes packaged in an eco-friendly Kraft Box.


Multi-cable NFC


Meet MR. BIO SMART CABLE, the mascot of the energy transition by Xoopar NFC. This connected multi-cable with NFC function is not just a charging tool; it’s a digital communication marvel. With NFC technology, you can share information efficiently and modernly – simply scan the product to discover the desired information. Compatible with various devices, the cable is made from recycled plastic, ensuring a sustainable product. The packaging, made of FSC-certified paper, adds an extra layer of eco-friendliness.

Why Choose These Office Gifts?

  • Versatile Charging Solutions: MAG CHARGE offers a 3-in-1 wireless charging solution for your phone, watch, and Airpods, promoting a clutter-free and efficient workspace.
  • Eco-Friendly Organization: WIRELESS LOUNGE combines a desktop organizer with a wireless charger, all crafted from sustainable Bamboo Material, ensuring an organized and eco-conscious workspace.
  • Digital Communication Tool: MR. BIO SMART CABLE is not just a cable; it’s a digital communication tool with NFC function, making it a unique and tech-savvy addition to your office accessories.
Conclusion: Elevate Your Workspace with Event Gift’s Office Gifts

Transform your workspace into a haven of efficiency and style with Event Gift’s practical and stylish office gifts. The MAG CHARGE, WIRELESS LOUNGE, and MR. BIO SMART CABLE are just a glimpse of our diverse collection. Choose gifts that align with your brand values, promote sustainability, and add a touch of innovation to your workspace. Elevate your office experience with Event Gift’s thoughtful and stylish office gifts for a productive workspace.

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